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The Accomplishments of St. Stephen Church Made Through God’s Power

St. Stephen Church Accomplishments

• St. Stephen is the largest private black employer in Kentucky
• St. Stephen is the largest private employer of blacks in Kentucky
• Over 98% of St. Stephen employees are from the black community
• St. Stephen has made ongoing economic investment in one of the poorest neighborhoods in the nation
• St. Stephen sponsored the Jubilee Festival, which brought arts, culture and music to West Louisville
• St. Stephen has the only black orchestra in West Louisville
• St. Stephen has the largest black music program in Kentucky
• St. Stephen makes housing available to the homeless via the Family Life Center
• St. Stephen is the first black church in Kentucky to build a Family Center
• St. Stephen houses the only upscale women’s clothing boutique in West Louisville
• St. Stephen has an indoor fitness center, racquet ball court, basketball court and an indoor walking track
• St. Stephen renovated the California Community Center a public building, at no expense to the city
• St. Stephen finances the largest black senior citizen’s support services entity in West Louisville, and utilize St. Stephen transportation
• St. Stephen brings blacks and whites together by channeling social and economic capital into a poor neighborhood on a daily basis
• St. Stephen owns more contiguous property than any other black or private institution in West Louisville
• St. Stephen is a debt-free institution
• St. Stephen’s $13 million in assets are controlled by blacks
• St. Stephen is the first church in West Louisville to ordain women into the ministry
• St. Stephen advocates publically for justice for all citizens, regardless of race, age, or sexual orientation
• St. Stephen operates the largest black Christian Education program in Kentucky
• St. Stephen has raised millions of dollars to support black higher education through Simmons College of Kentucky
• St. Stephen’s pastor refused over $700,000 salary from Simmons College of Kentucky to strengthen the college’s economic stability
• St. Stephen empowers black parents and their children through SOAR, an after/summer school enrichment program
• St. Stephen awards $50,000 annually in college scholarship funds
• St. Stephen operates the West End’s only sit down family restaurant
• St. Stephen conducts the city’s largest voter registration campaign, including record expungement
• St. Stephen sponsors a drug recovery program in West Louisville in partnership with the Healing Place
• St. Stephen’s buildings were all constructed by black contractors
• St. Stephen provides African-American vendors and entrepreneurs with space to showcase their products and services
• St. Stephen creates networks for black businesses and entrepreneurs through awarding contracts (vendors, electricians, landscapers, caterers, IT support)
• St. Stephen recaptured the Simmons College building and grounds lost by blacks during the Great Depression
• St. Stephen invested heavily in restoration of Simmons’ campus on Dumesnil Street, as well as the original campus
• St. Stephen was the catalyst in Simmons College establishing accreditation, HBCU status, and becoming the fastest growing college (via percentage) in Kentucky


  • Steve Hale


    Dr. Cosby,
    My name is Steve Hale co-founder of the Fuller Center for Housing of Louisville, Ky. We met years ago in that capacity.
    Today I am reaching out to you in regard to the St. Catharine College campus in Springfield, Ky.
    This college was forced into receivorship due to a disagreement with the Department of Education. The opportunity for you to have a 90
    acre campus with amazing buildings including baseball, soccer, track fields and tennis courts only an hour from Louisville now exist.
    Local members of the black community have approached me with this proposition wanting me to present it to you.
    Please let me know if we could schedule a time fir you to see this opportunity.
    Steve Hale
    Thank you.

    Apr 24, 2017