our mission

At St. Stephen Baptist Church, our mission is simple– to change lives, to strengthen families, and to transform communities. 

our mandate

Exalt God’s Greatness – Magnification
Evangelize God’s World – Multiplication
Equip God’s People – Maturity
Express God’s Love – Ministry
Expand God’s Kingdom – Mission


St. Stephen Baptist Church has a rich history that spans nearly 100 years. We invite you to view this video for a summary of our history! 

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  • St. Stephen is the largest private Black employer in West Louisville.
  • Over 98% of St. Stephen employees are from the Black Community.
  • St. Stephen has made ongoing economic investment in one of the poorest neighborhoods in the nation.
  • St. Stephen sponsored the Jubilee Festival, which brought arts, culture, and music to West Louisville.
  • St. Stephen has the only Black orchestra in West Louisville.
  • St. Stephen has the largest Black music program in Kentucky.
  • St. Stephen makes housing available to the homeless via the Family Life Center.
  • St. Stephen is the first Black church in Kentucky to build a Family Center.
  • St. Stephen has an indoor fitness center, racquet ball court, basketball court and an indoor walking track.
  • St. Stephen renovated the California Community Center, a public building located in one of the poorest zip codes in the city, at no expense to the city.
  • St. Stephen finances the largest Black senior citizen’s support services entity in West Louisville, and utilizes St. Stephen transportation.
  • St. Stephen has raised millions of dollars to support Black higher education through Simmons College of Kentucky.
  • St. Stephen’s pastor refused over $700,000 salary from Simmons College of Kentucky to strengthen the college’s economic stability.
  • St. Stephen empowers Black parents and their children through SOAR, an after/summer school enrichment program.
  • St. Stephen awards $50,000 annually in college scholarship Funds.
  • St. Stephen houses one of West Louisville’s sit-down family restaurants.
  • St. Stephen houses the only mini-mart grocery store in the California Community in West Louisville.
  • St. Stephen conducts the city’s largest voter registration campaign, including record expungement.
  • St. Stephen brought to the California Community the only physical therapy clinic in West Louisville
  • St. Stephen has brought to the California Community the most comprehensive recreational center in West Louisville.
  • St. Stephen has brought residential housing & apartments to the California Community in West Louisville.

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